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1. Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

Create the perfect conditions for deep, restful sleep wherever and however you’re traveling. Essential for long flights, red-eyes, and nodding off on connecting trains and bus rides.

“I travel extensively and I’m pleased to report this is becoming my airplane superpower.”

Claudio R.

2. Avoid Jet Lag

Get uninterrupted sleep whether you’re traveling for business or a leisurely adventure. You can rely on Manta PRO to get the deepest possible sleep across continents and time zones.

3. 100% Blackout, Guaranteed

Travel with confidence, knowing that Manta PRO will block 100% of light whether you want to fall asleep on a bright plane or your beachfront hotel.

“Best purchase! It makes my sleep better. I travel a lot, and sometimes the curtains in some hotels are too thin and it’s very bright in the morning. It Makes it hard to sleep. After manta, all good.”

Vincentius S.

4. Easy to Pack

Manta PRO weighs virtually nothing and comes with a small mesh bag for easy packing, so you can fit it into your purse, backpack, travel tote, or even your coat pocket.

5. Look and Feel Well-Rested

Arrive at your destination camera-ready and with all the energy you need to take on the day. Manta PRO is infinitely adjustable, features eye cups with zero eye pressure, and is made of breathable materials to give you total comfort, whether you sleep on your back, belly, or side.

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