[Cyber Week Special] Buy 2 Manta Sleep Masks, Get COOL Eye Cups FREE SHOP OFFER

14 reviews
Deep Sleep Kit

Deep Sleep Kit

14 reviews
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  • Manta Sleep Mask
  • FREE Premium Earplugs
  • FREE Blackout Stickers

Manta Sleep Mask

The only mask designed, constructed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment

✔️ 100% Blackout
✔️ Infinitely Adjustable
✔️ Comfy & Durable
✔️ Zero Eye Pressure


Manta Earplugs [10 Pairs]

10 pairs of soft, ergonomically-designed earplugs that block all noise up to 32 decibels

✔️ Ergonomic Design
✔️ Top-Rated Noise Blocking
✔️ Super Soft Foam
✔️ Multipurpose Earplugs


Manta Blackout Stickers

Made for more restful evenings, these reusable stickers block 100% of LED light from electronic devices

✔️ 100% Light Blocking
✔️ Reusable Application
✔️ No Interference
✔️ 100 Pre-Cut Stickers

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