Manta Sleep Mask - never let poor sleep interfere with your epic lifestyle again.

omniLAT™ Adjustability

omniLAT™ Adjustability

Experience the Comfort of a Customized Fit.

The Eye Contours can be adjusted laterally, which create a customized fit for 99% of all face shapes - including yours.

Sleep uninterrupted with 100% blackout for the entire 8 hours.

Eye Contours for REM

Eye Contours for REM

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is the kind of sleep that makes you feel well-rested.

Most sleep masks press against your face and eyes, which can interrupt this process.

Manta has specially designed eye contours to encourage REM sleep.

You’re able to open your eyes because there is no direct contact or pressure on your eyelids.

Elastics & Anti-Slip Gel

Elastics & Anti-Slip Gel

We Did Sweat the Details.

1. Dual elastic bands give -extra comfort- as the product will stretch to fit your head.

2. Silicon grip pad on the back prevents the mask from slipping off your head during sleep.

Micro Velcro Closure

Micro Velcro Closure

No More Hair Pulling. No More Pain.

Micro velcro will not stick to your hair, and is just as secure as regular velcro.


When will Manta Sleep Mask launch on Kickstarter?

Q1 of 2017. Please sign up to our pre-launch email list to be notified.

How do I get 80% off?

Please sign up to our pre-launch email list on this page. When we launch the Kickstarter campaign, the 1st 200 units will be heavily discounted (80% off). You will be the first to know!

How is Manta different from any other sleep mask?

The secret sauce is the patent-pending adjustable eyepieces. They create a customized fit for your unique face shape. So you get comfort and 100% blackout.