Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep

Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers

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You’re not crazy (or a vampire) if even the faintest hint of light keeps you up at night.

If the annoying blinking LED lights from your electronic devices are driving you crazy, duct tape and other at-home hacks simply won’t cut it.

Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers provide 100% blackout from disruptive lights from routers, chargers, smoke detectors, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

And, they won’t leave a sticky residue when you peel them off.

We haven’t been this excited about stickers since the 3rd grade, and once you use Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers, you will be too!



LED lights are extremely disruptive when it comes to your sleep.

Light sleepers who are sensitive to lights will love Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers.

These stickers are also a great alternative for those who aren’t into wearing sleep masks.



100% light blocking

  • Light blocking LED covers to prevent 100% of LED light from shining through.



Peel and stick design

  • Easy to use: simply peel off the backing and place stickers over flashing LED lights.



Reusable application

  • Take off the blackout stickers during the day and put them back on at night without losing the original strength - and without any sticky residue.



No interference

  • Proprietary technology allows you to continue to use your electronic devices (such as remote controls) while the stickers are applied - no signal interference.



Functional design

  • 100 pre-cut sticker pack comes with 11 size and shape options to cover all of your devices.



What if there was a simple solution to blocking disruptive lights that affect your sleep?

Whether you’re at home or traveling, Manta Sleep LED light covers block out bright lights that may disrupt your sleep. Try these stickers today and see the kind of sleep you could be getting.


Blackout stickers for better sleep

You know sleep is important to your health, but seemingly small distractions may be keeping you awake.

Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers prevent disruptive LED lights from your devices from interfering with your rest.


Blackout stickers for travel

Sleeping in a new environment when you travel is disorienting enough. You can’t remove the devices in your hotel room, but you can block out flashing LED lights with blackout stickers.

Once you leave, you can take your Manta Sleep Blackout stickers with you and use them again in the next hotel room.


Blackout stickers for eye health

If you have cataracts or are recovering from LASIK surgery, your eyes may be especially sensitive to light.

Manta Blackout Stickers can help protect your eye health by eliminating the LEDs emitted from the devices you use every day.

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