Manta Sleep Earplugs [10 Pairs]-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Earplugs [10 Pairs]-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Earplugs [10 Pairs]-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Earplugs [10 Pairs]-Manta Sleep-Manta Sleep

Manta Sleep Earplugs [10 Pairs]

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From snoring partners and noisy neighbors to loud events and busy travel, all types of sounds can interrupt your sleep.

Manta Sleep Earplugs provide safe and comfortable hearing protection to help you sleep better.

The earplugs perfectly complement your Manta Sleep Mask. While the sleep mask blocks out disruptive lights, the comfortable foam ear plugs block loud noises up to 32 decibels.



Research from the National Sleep Foundation found that like bright lights, noise can also interrupt your sleep. This can make you feel tired the next day — and potentially impact your health over time.

Manta Sleep Earplugs can help you block out the noise and improve your sleep quality.


Manta Sleep Earplugs are made of super-soft foam, so they fit comfortably and flexibly in your ears.

Ergonomic design

  • Unique bell shape, fitting comfortably in your ears. 10 pairs are included.


Top-rated noise blocking

  • Noise Reduction Rating up to 32 decibels, easily reducing most common noises that interrupt your sleep.


Foam material

  • Made of soft, slow-release foam for a comfortable fit, even during long periods of wear. Flexible foam allows you to adjust the shape for a more custom fit in your ear.


Multipurpose earplugs

  • Protects against harmful noises that can cause permanent hearing loss, like working with machinery, attending concerts, and more.



What if you could sleep soundly no matter what noises are happening around you?


Earplugs for sleeping

If you’re a light sleeper, ear plugs are a safe and comfortable way to reduce noise and help you sleep better.

Manta Sleep Earplugs work together with your sleep mask to maximize the sleep time that you do have and to upgrade your sleep quality.

Earplugs for travel

Trying to catch some sleep on the plane, in the airport, or in a new environment can feel nearly impossible with the loud noises surrounding you.

Manta Sleep Earplugs can drown out the noise to help you sleep better, and have more energy to enjoy your travels.

Earplugs for snoring

Snoring is one of the most common culprits keeping people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Manta Sleep Earplugs are an effective way to block out the disruptive sound of snoring so you can improve your own sleep quality.

Earplugs for city living

City sounds like traffic, sirens, and construction may be distracting as you fall asleep, or can wake you up throughout the night.

Manta Sleep Earplugs help reduce these noises so you can fall and stay asleep easier.

Earplugs for daily life

Whether you ride a motorcycle, or simply need help focusing as you work or study, you can use multipurpose Manta Sleep Earplugs to reduce noise and protect your hearing.

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