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Manta SOUND Sleep Mask

"Last night I used it with my Calm App (and my CPAP) and everything worked great! I love it so far. I was already accustomed to the Manta so adding sound was a really nice improvement because I had struggled with earphones slipping out during my early sleep. Happy Camper Here. Thanks for the extra help."
-Melanie B.

Manta SOUND Sleep Mask

419 reviews
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The most comfortable Bluetooth® sleep mask in existence

  • Razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones
  • Perforated materials for airflow & ventilation
  • 20 hour battery life (2x leading competition)
  • Convenient tabs for easy speaker adjustment
  • No audible battery notifications for peaceful sleep
  • True 100% blackout with zero eye pressure
  • C-shaped eye cups for side-sleep comfort

Includes Manta Sleep Mask SOUND and mesh bag.

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"Last night I used it with my Calm App (and my CPAP) and everything worked great! I love it so far. I was already accustomed to the Manta so adding sound was a really nice improvement because I had struggled with earphones slipping out during my early sleep. Happy Camper Here. Thanks for the extra help." -Melanie B.


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the most comfortable Bluetooth® sleep mask in existence. guaranteed.

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND gives you complete control over the two senses that have the biggest impact on your sleep: sight and sound.

Designed for side sleep comfort, the razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones are nestled within a ventilated strap — while the C-shaped eye cups ensure zero eye pressure and a perfect blackout seal without bulk.

The result: unmatched comfort as you listen to the sounds that soothe you — so you get the best sleep you’re capable of.









how does manta sleep mask SOUND compare?

manta sleep mask SOUNDgeneric audio mask
covers both eyes and ears Yes Yes
boosts rem & deep sleep Yes Yes
true 100% blackout Yes No
zero eye pressure Yes No
designed for side sleepers Yes No
easily adjustable speakers Yes No
battery life "20 hrs" "8-10 hrs"
no disruptive battery notifications Yes No
premium, high-quality materials Yes No
advanced ventilation Yes No
infinitely adjustable Yes No

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND: at a glance

create your own private oasis

Rest peacefully with
an audio experience like no other

razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones

Optimized for side sleepers, Manta SOUND’s secret is its unique razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones

They’re nestled in a curved strap that perfectly covers both your eyes and ears — so you’re completely immersed in your own private oasis and sheltered from outside noise.

Perfect for music, meditation or any sound that soothes you.

an uninterrupted, ultra-peaceful experience

Manta SOUND’s audio experience is 100% optimized for deep sleep.

Unlike most Bluetooth® masks, SOUND will never interrupt your sleep with a battery notification. What’s more, SOUND features a 20 hour battery life (twice the leading competition).

So it’s always ready to help you drift off to sleep — and stay asleep.

engineered for side sleepers

Every detail designed for 
unbeatable side-sleep comfort

speakers you can’t feel

SOUND’s razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones are optimized for side-sleep comfort.

Each speaker is about as thin as a yoga mat — so you can’t feel them at all, even when you’re on your side.

proprietary C-shaped eye cups

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND features C-shaped eye cups that sit completely flat against your temple, giving you zero eye pressure and true 100% blackout as you lie on your side.

an innovative “air bubble”

Manta SOUND’s eye cups feature a smart “air bubble” that expands to keep light out when switching positions, and compresses flat when you lie on your side.

So you get a perfect blackout seal with none of the bulk.

maximum airflow & ventilation

Created with soft, perforated materials to maximize airflow, Manta SOUND is engineered to keep you cool throughout the night.

It’s the most comfortable Bluetooth® mask on the market.

built for convenience

Easily adjustable and
easy to wash

convenient headphone adjustment tabs

Unlike most audio masks, SOUND’s Bluetooth® headphones are easily adjustable — even while you’re wearing the mask.

Simply pull the convenient tabs on the sides of your mask to position them just right.

easy to use, easy to wash

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is easily washable, thanks to its unique 2-layer strap design.

Simply peel off the outer layer which houses the electronics, and machine wash the inner layer. Easy.

designed for deep sleep

100% blackout, zero eye pressure & total comfort

maximized sleep quality, in any environment

Manta SOUND’s C-shaped eye cups block 100% of light, even in broad daylight — so you always get the deepest-possible sleep. And you’ll never sacrifice comfort for blackout, in any position: SOUND’s eye cups feature a smart “air bubble” that expands to keep light out when needed and compresses flat when you lie on your side.

a personalized-for-your-face fit

Fine-tune every aspect of your mask — from the tightness of the head strap to the position of the eye cups and the placement of the headphones — for a seamless, super-comfortable fit that stays put all through the night.

unmatched comfort, in any position

Manta SOUND’s perforated materials, razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones and barely-there eye cups gently conform to your face and put zero pressure on your eyes and ears.

not sure which mask is right for you?


our mission:

Empower light sleepers to sleep better so they can do more.

We believe great sleep is the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life.

That it’s impossible to unlock your full potential if you’re not getting an afternoon nap every day.

And that naps beat coffee hands down.

Everything we create is fueled by our drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps.

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Princess S.
United States United States

I love it so much!

Got this during pregnancy during a time when I have not been getting as much sleep but I just love being able to use this and i've seen how much it has helped me with my sleep. I connect it to my Calm App where I listen to tracks that would help me fall asleep. Im a side sleeper and it still feels comfortable wearing it on my side. My husband got one too because he is a light sleeper

Melinda C.
United States United States

Best Ever

I’ve slept for many years with ear buds. This works so much better and my ears don’t hurt anymore! Plus the amazing light blocking of typical Manta masks… couldn’t be better

Heather W.
United States United States

Best of the Bluetooth Masks!

I've purchased many different Bluetooth sleep masks and sleep phones, Manta Sound is hands down the best for me. - Others: To wash the mask you must fish out the speakers and control box and placing them back in is an even greater core! With the Manta Sound, I simply pull the outer and inner pieces apart, wash the inside part that is against my skin, press the two pieces back together at the velcro points. - Others I've tried were not 100% light blocking. Manta Sound achieves this. - Others have bulky speakers that, over time, made my ears tender and sore. Manta Sound has super thin speakers that I can barely feel. - Other masks that claimed to have a 3D eye contour was bulkier on the sides at the temples than the Manta Sound. - Others were either shaped funny and pressed on my nose or had a "light blocking" baffle that was more like a flap which worked its way down to the top of my nose throughout the night giving me a feeling like my breathing was being impacted negatively. - The Manta Sound has a more sensitive volume range, allowing for more adjustment. - The Manta Sound has so many adjustment points that I can get a near perfect fit. - No bulky velcro overlapping in the back and no buckle or clip on the Manta Sound compared to others. Sound does overlap with a soft velcro closure in the back but it is not bulky and doesn't effect the angle of my head on my pillow. - The C Shaped eye cups are great! No pressure on my temples or sinuses. - Many other masks created pressure on my eyes causing vision problems in waking and headaches. No such problem with Sound. - Other masks battery life was about 7 to 9 hours. The Manta Sound lives up its 20 hour battery life spec.! For background: I have sensitive sinuses. I wear a 7 1/8 size hat. I am mostly a side sleeper. I am a light sleeper; most digital alarm clocks display light can bother me and "out of place" or nuisance nose (traffic, people, and mechanical noises) easily wake me. My husband snores loudly (rivals a train or loud generator). I got this mask specifically to help block out the snoring. It is not noise canceling and can not be such due to its design, meaning there's no seal around your ears and the speakers are not an in-ear design. I use an app that offers many sounds, colored noise, binaural and soffiegio frequencies. I create my own mixes with colored noise and nature sounds (mostly rain and thunder and sometimes nighttime forest lake sounds). I use my phone's alarm and it comes through both the Manta Sound and the phones speaker since my app runs all night. The Sound effectively creates a dark, relaxing environment that blocks out the snoring at the appropriate volume level. If the price of this mask is preventing your purchase, take a leap and buy it! You've got 60 days to try it out, nothing to lose. Once I added up the amount of money I've spent on ear plugs (disposable and reusable) and masks, I discovered I would've saved money had I bought the Sound instead of trying everything else. Oh, another thing, Manta's customer service is exceptional! It's nice to buy a product from a company that truly cares. My order shipped super fast and I received emails notifying me of my order status every step of the way. Manta even reached out and offered to provide customized sleep tips! After I received my order the emails didn't stop, instead Manta continued to reach out to ask if I had any questions, concerns and to inquire if the mask was meeting my expectations. The mask can be customized with different eye cups and I am planning on purchasing the Steamer Cups after my holiday expenses are covered. I did purchase the aroma dots in lavender and I do not regret it! No buyers regret, just restful nights for this gal!

Manta Sleep Manta SOUND Sleep Mask Review


How should I wash Manta Sleep Mask SOUND? Is it machine washable?

To wash Manta Sleep Mask SOUND, follow these steps:

  1. Peel off the outer layer of the head strap (which houses the speakers and Bluetooth® components). This part is not machine washable and should only be wiped with a damp cloth.
  2. The eye cups and the inner layer of the head strap (which the eye cups attach to) are machine washable. Put these parts in the included mesh pouch and put in the washer. Wash with cold water. Once washed, air dry these parts by laying them flat.
How long does the battery last?
The mask’s battery lasts about 20 hours on non-stop playback at full volume (2x as long as leading alternatives). To preserve the battery, Manta SOUND features smart auto-off after 30 minutes of no audio.
Are there audible battery notifications?
No. Unlike most Bluetooth® masks, SOUND will never interrupt your sleep with a battery notification.
What materials are used in Manta Sleep Mask SOUND?
The head strap on Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is made of high-quality perforated foam and mesh, while the interior is made of soft Modal fabric.
Will my sleep partner be able to hear what I’m listening to?
At a normal listening volume level, your sleep partner will not be able to hear what you’re listening to.
I’m a side sleeper. Is Manta Sleep Mask SOUND suitable for me?
Yes. Manta Sleep Mask SOUND’s Bluetooth® headphones are only 5mm — as thin as a yoga mat — so you can’t feel them at all, even when you’re on your side. And the C-shaped eye cups sit completely flat against your temple, so you can lie comfortably on your side.
How do I know that Manta Sleep Mask SOUND will fit me?

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is designed to fit every face type perfectly. Its spacious, C-shaped eye cups are tapered at the edges — and their position is adjustable for a flawless blackout fit.

The head strap itself is about 72 cm in circumference, and is fully adjustable as well.

The Bluetooth® headphones are also easily adjustable — even while you’re wearing the mask. Simply pull the tabs on the sides of your mask to position them just right.

Does this work with both Android and iOS?
Yes, the mask works with both Android and iOS.
What is your shipping policy?

ORDER PROCESSING - Our fulfillment team tries to process orders as quickly as they can. On average, they process/ship orders within 1 to 2 business days.

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What is your guarantee, warranty & returns policy?

RETURN POLICY - Every Manta (except those purchased during limited-time sales events) comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If your Manta doesn’t work for you for any reason, you’re 100% covered — simply reach out to our customer success team via our contact page and let them know why the product didn’t work for you. They will provide you with a prepaid return label via email and once we’ve received the item back in good condition and its original packaging, we’ll provide you with a full refund for the item you purchased.

If you’ve paid for shipping, please be advised that we won’t be able to refund the shipping fee as the payment goes directly to our shipping partners. Please also note that all products purchased via limited-time sales events (Black Friday, clearance, etc.) are considered final and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

WARRANTY POLICY - At Manta Sleep, we stand behind the quality of our products 100%. In the unlikely event that you aren’t blown away by the quality of your Manta or you happen to encounter a manufacturing defect, let us know within 6 months from purchase and we’ll exchange your Manta for a new one, free of charge. Please note that we can only offer replacements of the same product that you originally purchased.

PRODUCT EXCHANGES - As a Manta Sleep customer, you have the option of requesting for a product exchange in lieu of a refund if your order was placed 60 days (or less) ago. Product exchange is possible as long as the price of the item you wish to exchange for is the same as (or lower than) your original purchase. Please note though that you could only exchange for another product once and if you request for a product exchange, your order would no longer be eligible for a refund. Also, items purchased during limited-time sales events (i.e. Black Friday, Holiday Sales) aren’t eligible for a product exchange.

Please also be advised that the shipping fee would have to be paid for by the customer. Simply reach out to our customer success team via our contact page so they could walk you through the exchange process.