5 Top Benefits of Listening to
Music While You Sleep

Discover the most comfortable
Bluetooth® sleep mask in existence

Enhance Sleep, Relieve Pain, and Block Out Noise with the Power of SOUND


Less Stress, Better Sleep

Kiss stress goodbye and enjoy a more restful sleep. Music enhances sleep by regulating hormones, especially stress hormones like cortisol.

Mary D., Verified Buyer

“Unbelievable. It's simply…tear-inducing how restful my sleep has become with this system. They lay flat against my head and do not poke or feel like an impediment to my sleep, whereas headphones or earbuds left me SORE.”


Superior Quality Materials

Razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones. Perforated fabric for airflow & ventilation. 20 hour battery life (2x leading competition). And no audible battery notifications for uninterrupted peaceful sleep.


The Most Comfortable Bluetooth® Mask

Researchers found that wearing an eye mask can help to create a more relaxing environment, which can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and reduce fatigue.

Sharon C., Verified Buyer

“I’m a shift worker and a light sleeper and over the years I’ve tried almost every sleep mask, every ear plugs and every audio earplugs known to man! Well let me just tell you they all pale in comparison to the Manta sleep mask sound!! No sore ears in the morning. No waking during the night with pain or discomfort. Perfect sound quality.”


Sleep Well, Relieve Pain, and Thrive

Unlock the power of music for enhanced well-being. Studies show that “Physical and psychological responses to music are effective in reducing both acute and chronic physical pain.” (Source:


Your Serenity Oasis

Dive into a world of serenity with Manta SOUND and let your wellness take flight. Discover the power of silencing disruptive night-time noises that fragment your sleep and pave the way for daytime vitality and a healthier you.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

“When my neighbors are throwing a party or the hurricanes are making too much noise, I just turn on my Bluetooth music (sleep sounds) and drift off. Well worth the money! If you can't sleep without complete darkness and "white noise", these are WORTH every DAMN DIME.”

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