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Silk, Steam & Ice Bundle

Manta SILK Sleep Mask — the luxury of pure silk for deep, revitalizing sleep

Manta COOL Eye Cups — freezable eye cups to soothe the eyes and sinuses

Manta STEAM Eye Cups — microwaveable eye cups to moisturize and refresh the eyes

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Discover Why 1 Million light Sleepers Trust Manta Sleep


100% blackout, anytime and anywhere!

Manta SILK Mask blocks 100% of light, even in broad daylight. The eye cups perfectly contour to your face for total blackout without any pressure directly on your eyes.


Great for sensitive skins & allergy-proof.

Sensitive skin? Our naturally breathable and hypoallergenic SILK sleep mask prevents skin irritation, for a smooth, cozy sleep that's perfect for everyone.


Silk is naturally cool and calming.

Silk is refreshingly soft and cool to the touch; keeping you comfortable throughout the night so you fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.

Silk radiates more heat than it absorbs, making it ideal for passive or self-cooling.”

Kim Young, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering


Silk offers unparalleled comfort.

Manta SILK Sleep Mask’s eye cups are tapered at your temples, so you sleep just as comfortably on your side. Plus, its elasticated 22 momme silk head strap offers a comfy fit that stays put all night long.

"leaves my eyelash extensions in place without being smashed while I sleep. The sleekness of this mask is perfect for side sleeping"

Ellen P., Verified Buyer


Helps prevent dry or itchy skin.

Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, allowing the skin to retain more moisture and in turn, prevent dry or itchy skin. Silk is also less likely to absorb any lotions or serums you might use in your bedtime skincare regimen.


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Best Mask Ever!!

Great quality and last many many years. Best mask I've ever used. I thought the silk one might slide off while sleeping but it doesn't.

- Erinn. Verified Customer

You fall asleep faster

I bought it for my girlfriend since she works night shifts and she loves it. Everytime I come home she’s asleep with it on.

-Estevan H. Verified Customer

Highly recommend this mask

Doesn’t press on my nose like other masks I’ve tried. My partner can even turn on a light in the room and I won't tell! I’m also using this on car and airplane rides and in hotel rooms

- Suzanne L.Verified Customer

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