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Meet The Most Comfortable Bluetooth® Sleep Mask That Guarantees...

Immersive Audio & 100% Instant Blackout

  • Comfortable in any sleep position
  • Razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones




Falling Asleep Just Got Easier.

500,000+ Light sleepers trust manta to drift off faster

Here're 5 Reasons You Should Too

1Block out every bit of light & get instant darkness any time, anywhere...

Unlike generic audio masks, Manta SOUND guarantees instant darkness with no light creep. Perfect if you're sensitive to light or want to sleep during the day

And it's all thanks to its C-shaped eye cups that sit completely flat against your temple, giving you zero eye pressure and true 100% blackout in any sleep position.

Kevin G. star star star star star

This sleep mask takes it all to the next level. Comfort is exceptional. No light gets in. The Audio is above and beyond

2Connect to your device and listen to the sounds that soothe you

Manta SOUND’s audio experience is 100% optimized for deep sleep.

Unlike most Bluetooth® masks, SOUND will never interrupt your sleep with a battery notification. What’s more, SOUND features a 20 hour battery life (twice the leading competition).

Carolyn S. star star star star star

The quality of this mask is excellent. I especially like that I can listen to music or an audio book before bed without bothering others. It is very comfortable.

3Perfectly adjustable for your face & preferred sleep position

Fine-tune every aspect of your mask — from the tightness of the head strap to the position of the eye cups and the placement of the headphones — for a seamless, super-comfortable fit that stays put all through the night

Justin R. star star star star star

It feels bulky, but once I'm wearing it I don't really notice. Super comfortable and a great overall design.

4Maximum airflow & ventilation, zero sweats

Created with soft, perforated materials to maximize airflow, Manta SOUND is engineered to keep you cool throughout the night. It’s the most comfortable Bluetooth® mask on the market.

Heather W star star star star star

Cannot sleep without it. Blocks out my husbands snoring even without music on, great for white noise or ambient sounds.

5Try it risk-free for 60 days. Love it or get your money back

We guarantee your Manta will transform your sleep. And if you need any more assurance, every Manta comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Chelsea star star star star star

Love this mask, no complaints. Comfortable, sound quality is great, battery lasts a long time.


Try It & Feel The Difference

The most peaceful way to drift off faster

Manta SOUND Sleep Mask

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Highly Rated 4.9 star star star star star

Guaranteed, unmatched comfort as you listen to the sounds that soothe you- for undisturbed sleep.

  • Truly 100% instant blackout
  • Zero pressure in any position
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  • Razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones
  • Perforated materials for airflow & ventilation
  • 20-hour battery life (2x leading competition)
  • Convenient tabs for easy speaker adjustment
  • No audible battery notifications for peaceful sleep
  • True 100% blackout with zero eye pressure
  • C-shaped eye cups for side-sleep comfort

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what our customers think

star star star star star

It has so many advantages

Great Sound, It's comfortable, and tends to stay in place. Long battery life, with an easy, sturdy charging port. Would Recommend

-Jeff B. Verified Customer

star star star star star

Fell asleep to his favorite books

Got this for my Partner, it significantly increased his ability to fall asleep. Would definitely recommend it to people who have some difficulty with sleeping.

-Polina P. Verified Customer

star star star star star

Does not hurt my ears

Bought this after I tried a cheaper brand and version, this mask is worth every dollar. My husband and I both snore so I bought the mask to drown out the snoring. Works like a champ and does not hurt my ears.

-Lisa N Verified Customer

How We Compare To Others

nothing comes close. unmatched comfort

  • Zero pressure on eyes, ears or forehead
  • Premium, high-quality materials
  • Easily adjustable immersive speakers
  • Designed for side sleep comfort
  • Infinitely adjustable for a custom fit

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The Most Comfortable Bluetooth® Sleep Mask

Try risk free with a 60-day money back guarantee