An illustration of a girl sleeping using the best blackout eye mask to block out light from outside and her bedside lamp.
An illustration of a girl with the sun shining on her when she wakes up in the morning and sleeping on a pillow in the evening.
Manta Sleep’s original eye mask with eye cups that aid in blocking out light.
A smiling blonde girl lying down on a pillow and wearing one of the best blackout sleep masks from Manta Sleep.
A blue blackout sleep mask made of silk from Manta Sleep.
A man wearing a blue blackout silk sleep mask with detachable eye cups.
A blackout sleep mask for side sleepers with a perforated head strap and c-shaped eye cups.
A close up image of the anti-slip gel on the head strap of the best blackout eye mask for side sleepers.
A gray weighted sleep mask with eye cups gives the wearer 100% blackout.
A girl wearing a black robe reclining on a couch while wearing the weighted blackout sleep mask from Manta Sleep.