In each edition of our weekly Sleepscape newsletter, we highlight a different “Question That Keeps Us Awake.” 


There have been so many interesting topics that we just had to combine them all into one jumbo-sized list! 


We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed researching them.

Q: Is it true that I swallow an average of 7 spiders per year in my sleep?


A: Actually, the number of spiders you swallow in your sleep each year could be as high as 100! But you can rest easy: it’s most likely zero.


As studying this phenomenon would be nearly impossible (some poor soul would have to carefully review footage of you sleeping every night), you can be assured that these statistics are spun from urban legend.


They’re also quite improbable, as spiders tend to avoid humans.


However, there are reports that you have two wolves living inside you...

Q: Could a machine read my dreams?


A: Don’t worry, that private dream you had about your high school crush is still secret. For now, anyway.


A team of scientists at Kyoto University has built a machine that can read dreams, the catch being that it currently only has a 60% accuracy rate, and can only detect basic events and ideas in dreams. However, they are continuing to refine it, improving its accuracy and ability to detect more specific content. To which we say: 😨.

Q: Do men and women require the same amount of sleep?


A: Ladies, feel free to hit the snooze alarm a couple of extra times. According to a UK study, women need an average of 20 more minutes of sleep per night than men. This is because women tend to multitask more, which uses more of the brain’s real estate. That in turn means additional time is needed to get that cerebral charge back up to 100%.