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Upgrade Your Sleep with Manta Sleep Mask

Think of Manta Sleep Mask as the business class of sleep. Why settle for economy when you could go premium?

We don’t need to tell you how important good sleep is for maintaining health, mental focus, and quality of life. Instead, take a look at what a sleep upgrade means for you.

  • Wake up refreshed. Every time.
  • Feel more present and able to take on opportunities.
  • Maximize your time. Perform at a higher level. Increase your earning potential.
  • Simply sleep better.

Manta is the Secret to Higher Quality Sleep

Manta Sleep Mask vs Generic Sleep Mask

Manta Features vs Generic Sleep Mask Features

Don’t waste money on another disappointing generic sleep mask. Upgrade your sleep today with Manta - the best sleep mask available!

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Manta Sleeping Mask provides 100% Blackout

Sleep any time, any place with 100% darkness.

Fall asleep faster and enjoy no-interruptions sleep whether you’re at home, traveling, or taking a power nap at the office.

There is NO light leakage with Manta.


Manta Eye Mask fits all kinds of face shapes

Manta is designed to suit all sleeping positions and fit EVERY unique face, including yours!

The luxurious, tailor-made fit makes Manta one of the most wearable and customizable sleep masks on the market.

Side sleeper? Belly sleeper? Back sleeper? We’ve got you covered.


Ultimate Comfort from Manta Sleep Eye Shade

Manta was created with your comfort in mind. We use micro Velcro that won’t stick to your hair, silicone grip pads to prevent slipping, and cotton for the mask interior to keep you cool.

Most importantly, Manta won’t tickle your nose like most conventional masks do.

No more hair-pulling. No more pain. Micro velcro will not stick to your hair.
The silicone grip pad on the back of the mask prevents it from slipping off your head during sleep.


Manta Sleep Mask Promotes Energizing REM Sleep

REM is a crucial stage of the sleep cycle that requires movement of the eyes.

Unlike conventional sleep masks that apply pressure to the eyes, Manta’s memory foam eye modules allow for free movement, including blinking.

Eye contours do not press against your eyelids, which allow REM sleep to occur.


Manta Sleep Come Earplugs and Carry Pouch

No high-quality sleep is complete without a set of memory foam earplugs to block out the noise.

Store them in Manta’s breathable mesh carry case, which also doubles as a laundry net for easy machine washing.

You’re going to love the Manta Pouch. Its separated earplug compartment with a zipped closure ensures you’ll never lose your earplugs again.


Manta's 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll think Manta is the best sleeping mask, that we provide a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your sleep upgrade.

This makes your investment in Manta completely risk-free!

Plus, shipping within the USA is 100% FREE.

Free Shipping & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Manta Sleep Mask

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Manta Mask's Sleep Enhancing Features

Want to learn more about what makes Manta the best sleep mask on the market? Take a deeper dive into the features and science behind the mask.



Light exposure can really ruin what should have been a high-quality sleep or nap. With Manta blackout eye mask for sleeping, you can say goodbye to those annoying slivers of light that sneak up into your conventional eye mask.

The rising sun, street lights, TV glare, and even the tiny little lights on your bedside digital clock don’t stand a chance when you’re wearing a Manta sleep mask.

  • Sleep any time, any place with 100% darkness.
  • Get to sleep fast without the distraction of light.
  • Full blackout effect on the road, in your home, and poorly curtained hotel rooms.

There is NO light leakage with Manta.



Want to know our secret to providing a full blackout effect? Manta is highly adjustable, which allows you to find the perfect fit for your unique face.

Regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, nose shape, or preferred sleeping position, you’ll wake up refreshed every time with Manta.

  • Highly adjustable for a completely customized fit.
  • Back, belly, or side. Manta suits all sleep positions.
  • Memory foam eye modules mold to your exact face shape.

The luxurious foam contour snugly conforms to the sides of your face, making sleep on your side & belly more comfortable.
Side sleeper? Belly sleeper? Back sleeper? We’ve got you covered.



Manta is the World’s only Modular Sleep Mask, which means it molds to your unique face and provides a tailor-made feel.

The modular eye contours provide an unprecedented level of adjustability, creating a custom fit for 99% of all face shapes.



Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a crucial stage in any healthy sleep cycle. It improves memory recall, mental focus, and energy, giving you that refreshed ‘I don’t even need a coffee’ feeling.

The catch? Your eyes experience rapid movements in random directions during REM sleep. Conventional sleep masks can hinder or interrupt this process, due to the pressure they apply to the eyes.

Unlike most other masks, Manta’s memory foam eye contours encourage REM sleep and allow full movement of the eyes with no direct pressure.

You’ll even be able to blink and open your eyes while wearing your Manta eye sleep mask.

Eye contours do not press against your eyelids, which allow REM sleep to occur.



The team here at Manta are avid sleep mask users, which is how we’ve managed to address every conceivable comfort issue. We pulled out all the stops, knowing we were designing the comfiest luxury sleep mask available.

  • Totally breathable: The interior of the Manta sleep eye mask is made with cotton for maximum breathability. This means your face is kept cool and won’t overheat on warm nights.
  • No pressure on eyes: Manta’s memory foam eye modules ensure there’s no direct pressure on your eyes.
  • Won’t tickle your nose: The adjustable eye contours mold to your face shape and won’t tickle your nose like conventional sleep masks do.
  • No slipping: Silicone grip pads prevent your Manta sleep mask from slipping off your face mid-snooze.
  • Soft elasticized headband: Manta’s headband is elasticized in two places, allowing it to stretch to fit around your head. Limiting the elastic to two small sections is a unique design, which prevents the entire band from stretching loose with use. The strap is made out of plush velour, so it’s soft and comfortable against your head and ears.
  • No more pain: Forget Velcro straps that rip your hair out! Manta utilizes micro Velcro, which doesn’t stick to hair.
  • No makeup smudge: Don’t stress about reapplying your makeup when you take a quick power nap during the day. Manta leaves your eyes untouched, so you’ll wake up looking like a million bucks.
  • Lightweight: Manta sleeping eye mask weighs only 30 grams, making it extra comfortable when you have to sleep upright.
Cotton interior ensures Breathability & Comfort. Manta feels Light & Cool.


The 2 sections of the headband are made from elastics, which give you -extra comfort- as the product will STRETCH to fit your head. Limiting the elastics to only these 2 sections prevents the entire band from stretching loose with use.


No more hair-pulling. No more pain. Micro velcro will not stick to your hair.


The silicone grip pad on the back of the mask prevents it from slipping off your head during sleep.


The total length of the product is 71cm, which will fit 99% of all head sizes. The strap is made out of plush cotton velour, so it’s soft & comfortable against your head and ears.
Lightweight construction. Manta Sleep Mask is great to use while sitting up straight (such as on a plane).


Your sleep upgrade wouldn’t be complete without Manta’s memory foam earplugs and high-quality mesh carry case! We think you’ll be impressed with these amazing features:

  • Never lose your earplugs again. The Manta carry case contains a separate compartment for them.
  • The case doubles as a laundry mesh net, which makes it super easy to machine wash your Manta sleeping mask.
  • The mesh design also airs out your sleep mask during travels or when in storage. This improves hygiene and prevents any nasty odors from forming.

Manta earplugs are made with memory foam to block out the sound.





Manta Sleep Mask washing and care instructions

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Why Manta is the Best Sleep Mask for You

We truly believe that when you upgrade your sleep, you upgrade your life. Manta will help you become the sound sleeper you’ve always envied, no matter what lifestyle you lead.

Everyone can benefit with a world-class sleep mask in their lives. Manta is perfect for:

  • Busy professionals
  • Shift workers
  • Yogis
  • Serial nappers
  • Travelers
  • Campers
  • Light sleepers
  • Couples



For professionals and entrepreneurs, a night of bad sleep can mean a day of lost deals. When it comes to sleep, Manta offers the highest quality out there. Wake up refreshed and ready for any opportunity that comes your way.



Whether you’re a business person or an adventurer, Manta is the ideal travel sleep mask and has you covered on planes, trains, buses, bright hotel rooms, and hectic hostel dorms.

Think of it as the upgrade you can count on every time.



Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries with a classic power nap. Manta provides the full blackout effect to make it happen. And fast!



When you’ve just come off a grueling night shift, it can be tough falling, and staying, asleep. With Manta sleep mask you’ll be out like a light and refreshed for your next shift.



In today’s fast-pasted society, it can be difficult to genuinely wind down. Manta enhances your yoga and meditation practice by providing darkness and calm.



Being one with nature doesn’t necessarily mean you want to rise with the sun. Manta will give you those extra hours of sleep that you need for an active life.



Does your partner watch TV or read late into night? It’s no longer a problem with Manta by your side. Insert your earplugs and slip on your sleep mask. It’s like you’ve got the bedroom all to yourself!


Ready to transform your life? Upgrade your sleep today.

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[Manta Sleep Mask] is a game changer. That’s the level of detail that's gone into it.

Mark Webster - (Authority Hacker)



There hasn’t really been a sleep mask I’ve enjoyed as much as this one. My biggest pet peeve [with common products] is the Velcro gets caught in my hair. [Manta Sleep Mask’s] comfortable Micro-Velcro never gets caught in my hair and it is easy to adjust. Manta Mask is definitely mine.

Madaline Lorelle - (Couple’s Quest)



I’m quite a light sleeper and I like how it blocks out a lot of the light. I use it to get better sleep.

Tristan King - (Blackbelt Commerce)



One of the most important things is that in any type of sleep mask that I use, I don’t want my eyelashes touching the mask. The Manta Sleep Mask makes sure that doesn’t happen. I would give it 10 out of 10.

Chris Kim - (Hilltop Stores)



Overall, this is a great product to help you sleep through the night. If you're not into sleep masks, then maybe not. For me, I've used sleep masks for years...[Manta Sleep Mask] just gives total darkness.

Jamon Yerger - (Business Owner)



I have probably used about 8 different styles of sleep masks. The reason Manta Sleep Mask is my favorite is because of the separated eyepieces. It stops light from getting in.

Benjamin Tong - (Business Owner)



Without the [Manta Sleep Mask], I wouldn’t sleep as good. I would highly recommend it. Any other sleep mask has a spot where light comes through and you cannot wear it.

Till Carlos - (



My favorite thing about the product is, it’s light blocking without being too tight. I can put [Manta Sleep Mask] on in a firm way where it is actually blocking light without me not feeling good.

Zak Columber - (Gingerbread Marketing)



I absolutely love this mask! It’s an absolute game changer. It is super comfortable and I have never had any issues falling asleep with it.

Vincent Ko - (Business Owner)
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