Manta Sleep Travel Pillow

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Picture this...

You’re on the plane, finally settled into your seat.

You have a packed schedule when you land, and need to get some rest.

Just as your eyes close and start to doze off...BOOM.

Your head jerks forward and your neck is already sore.

And just like that, the cycle continues until you land.

The Manta Sleep Travel Pillow solves all the problems you’ve faced with bulky, uncomfortable, and unsupportive travel pillows.

You can use it on buses, trains, cars, and planes to actually catch a few hours of sleep.



Getting even a little bit of sleep on a plane or train can help you feel more rested or beat jet lag - but a comfortable travel pillow is key to making this happen.

Most neck pillows push your head forward or don’t stay in place.

The inflatable Manta Sleep Travel Pillow is different - you can use it in 4 different positions so you can pick what’s most comfortable for you.


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  • 4 relaxing positions
Unlike most options, you can use this travel pillow in several different ways, providing maximum comfort on your trip.
    • The Lock: Fits behind your neck and attaches in the front, so you can comfortably rest your head.

    • The Hug: Securely hugs around the front of your neck providing support as your head leans slightly forward.

    • The Nod: Fits in front of you, so you can comfortably rest your chin on the pillow without the dreaded head bob.

    • The Cradle: The ends of the pillow rest on your shoulder and cradle your head as you lean back.


  • Effortless to inflate
Made with a 2-breath, fast-inflate valve so it fills up in no time. Deflates in seconds by simply releasing the valve and pressing down.



  • Comfortable neck support

A thin but sturdy neck support prevents head bobbing and won’t push your head forward.


  • Luxurious feel 

A soft microfleece cover fits around the pillow so it’s extra comfortable while you sleep and won’t irritate your skin.


  • Removable cover

The microfleece cover is removable and machine washable so it stays clean trip after trip.


  • Convenient side pocket

Stashes earplugs, your phone or headphones for quick access.


  • Easily portable

Pillow folds up neatly inside a convenient travel pouch so it fits in your carry on or luggage - no more attaching a bulky pillow.

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What if you could stop spending time and money trying travel pillows that don’t work?

Manta Sleep Travel Pillow is your new favorite companion for anyone who wants to sleep like a baby, while on the road.

It may not beat flying in first class, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper!


Travel pillow for neck support

Inflatable pillows provide more support than traditional microbead options.

With Manta, you can stop arriving with a sore neck from an unsupportive neck pillow.


Travel pillow for frequent fliers

When you hit the road often, you need a reliable travel pillow that works and helps you rest.

Manta Sleep Travel Pillow inflates in seconds so you can stay cozy and comfortable (even in economy). Try it out with a Manta Sleep Mask for an ultimate sleep experience while you travel.


Travel pillow for light packers

If you like to keep your luggage to a minimum, you’re probably tired of carrying a bulky travel pillow around with you,  

Manta Sleep Pillow is easy to fold up into its travel pouch which you can toss in your bag and go.

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