Product - Manta Sleep Mask

Will you really get 100% blackout?

Most likely, yes. We have tens of thousands of happy customers, and 99% of them report 100% blackout (no light leaking in) when using Manta Sleep Mask.

The reason is the adjustable eyepieces.

Most generic / cheap sleep masks let light through around the nose area. However, Manta Sleep Mask’s eye pieces are adjustable, which means the product can conform to your face & nose shape to create a perfect seal.

What are the materials used in Manta Sleep Mask?

The eyepieces are made with memory foam. They are covered with 100% cotton.

The head strap inner side (touching your face) is made with 100% cotton velour, which is lush, soft, and breathable.

The outer side of the head strap is made with polyester for easy maintenance.

Does it get too hot? Does it make your face sweaty?

The advantage of using 100% cotton and cotton velour on the inside of the product, is that the natural fibers are very breathable - in fact, cotton is one of the most breathable materials available.

Unless you are sleeping in the summer without air conditioning, Manta Sleep mask should be comfortable and cool.

And even if you were to sweat a little during the summer, the cotton will quickly wick away your sweat, rather than keeping it trapped against your face like synthetic materials will.

Is it comfortable for back sleepers? Side sleepers? Belly sleepers?

Manta Sleep Mask has tens of thousands of happy customers, who have a wide range of sleeping habits and positions.

For back sleepers: the head strap is made with a super soft cotton velour, so you’ll forget it’s even there.

For side sleepers & belly sleepers: The product was designed with you in mind, because most people don’t sleep flat on their back. Manta’s eyepieces are tapered on the side for extra comfort. The memory foam is also soft and molds to your face.

Note: if you’ve ever only used the cheap & flat airline sleep masks, it may take a day or two to adjust to Manta’s design. However, we have tens of thousands of happy customers, and most find the product to be comfortable regardless of sleeping position.

Does it fall off easily during the night when you’re sleeping?

While we aren’t sure how “crazy” your sleeping habits are, it’s unlikely that Manta Sleep Mask will fall off during the night, for a couple of reasons.

First, you can adjust the fit of the strap. The 2 elastic stretch bands are built in to give you extra comfort and room to move, while keeping the sleep mask flush against your face.

Second, there is an anti-slip gel built into the inner backside of the strap for some extra grip against the back of your head.

Will the 2 elastics cross sections stretch loose over time?

All elastics will lose some stretch over time, even the best of quality. With that said:

One, Manta Sleep Mask uses an extra wide, and triple enforced elastics band that is going to last significantly longer than anything you’ve probably ever used in a sleep mask. This is industrial grade elastics.

Two, the product only has 2 small cross-sections made with elastics, rather than the entire strap. This way, even if the elastics get slightly loose over time, you still can adjust the size using the Micro-Velcro strap closure.

Can you open your eyes when using the product? Does it put pressure on your eyes? What if you have long eyelashes?

Manta Sleep Mask’s hollow eye contours do not put any pressure on your eyes. You’ll be able to open your eyes whenever you want.

If you have very long eyelashes, they may touch the inner wall of the eyepieces. However, there shouldn’t be any discomfort.

Does Manta Sleep Mask cause blurry eyes in the morning, and impair your vision?

Absolutely not.

One of the most common problems with generic / cheap sleep masks is that they directly press against your eyeballs. This is unhealthy and can often create blurred vision in the morning for up to 40+ minutes.

Manta Sleep Mask’s hollow eye contours solve this problem, because there is no direct pressure on your eyeballs.

Does the Velcro closure pull my hair?

Absolutely not.

One of the most annoying things about generic / cheap sleep masks with Velcro closures, is that the Velcro will often catch and pull on your hair. It’s painful. It’s annoying. And it definitely doesn’t help you sleep better.

This is why we used Micro-Velcro on the strap. It’s GUARANTEED to not stick to, or pull hair. We even tested this on our cats.

Is the head strap uncomfortable around the ears?

You can wear Manta Sleep Mask either with the head strap over (covering) your ears, or above (sitting on top) of your ears.

Regardless, there shouldn’t be any discomfort. The head straps are made with cotton velour and are super soft. This question is commonly asked, but we rarely hear any of our tens of thousands of customers having problems with it.

Does it put pressure on your sinus?

For allergy sufferers and people with sinus issues, pressure is a major concern. We know this, because Manta Sleep’s CEO suffers from sinus blockage due to allergy.

Manta Sleep Mask’s eye pieces are adjustable, which means you can easily move them further apart from your sinus in order to alleviate any pressure.

Most people should be able to find a balance between covering your eyes for 100% blackout, while avoiding pressure on your sinus.

Is it machine washable?

Yes. But PLEASE make sure to use the included carrying pouch, which doubles as a laundry mesh net.

Simply place your Manta Sleep Mask (with the eyepieces) into the pouch, zip it up, and throw it into the washer.

Please make sure to always use the pouch when machine washing, otherwise the memory foam may get overstretched and deformed.

Using the pouch to machine wash will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the lifespan of your product.

How’s the quality of the product?

One of the most irritating things about generic / cheap sleep masks is that they seem to fall apart after a few weeks. Either the elastics break. Or the threads start coming apart. Or the product gets deformed.

Not only did we choose the highest quality materials for Manta Sleep Mask, but we also spent the extra effort to DOUBLE & ZIGZAG stitch all of the major components. Manta Sleep Mask is built to last (for years). Check out our warranty section for more details.

Will Manta Sleep Mask leave marks or imprints on your face in the morning?

Absolutely not.

The memory foam in the eye pieces is soft like a baby’s bottom.

Will it work with a CPAP mask?

It’s hard to say for sure, because there are so many different models of CPAP masks in the market.

However, please keep in mind that the eye pieces are adjustable, which means you’ll have greater flexibility in adapting it to fit with your CPAP mask. Please take a look at the product photos and compare to your CPAP mask model.

We have many customers who use Manta Sleep Mask with their CPAP masks with no issues.

Will it fit if you have an extra large head?

We certainly hope so :)

The total length of the product (with the head strap) is 28 in (71 cm). This is large enough to fit 99.5% of the population (based on USA statistics).


What payment methods are accepted?

Manta Sleep accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and Amazon Pay.

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What is the shipping & return policy?

For details, please visit: https://mantasleep.com/pages/shipping


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