A smiling girl wearing a clean sleep mask.
A light gray sleep mask with dark gray eye cups.
A blue 22 momme silk sleep mask with 30 momme silk eye cups.
A blue mesh sleep mask with eye cups for side sleepers.
A light gray sleep mask with eye cups with a slim above-the-ear strap.
A sleep mask inside a black mesh storage bag inside a washing machine.
A sleep mask with a pair of eye cups laid out on a white towel.
A gray heated eye mask with orange warming eye cups
A gray sleep mask with blue cooling eye cups.
A gray sleep mask head strap in a mesh laundry bag being placed inside a washing machine.
Two orange heated eye cups of a sleep mask inside a sink with a bar of soap nearby.
A weighted sleep mask with eye cups.
A sink with a gray weighted sleep mask submerged in soapy water.
A hand holding a black mesh bag containing two eye cups for a sleep mask.
A black mesh bluetooth sleep mask.
A person holding the inner layer and eye cups of a sleep mask with head phones. The outer layer of the mask is on top of a table.
A hand cleaning a stained black mesh Bluetooth sleep mask with a damp cloth.
Hands demonstrating how to wash a sleep mask by hand in a sink.